Sunday Brunch

Bristol Benny

Bristol’s classic Benedict with two poached eggs and sweet roasted ham. Served on a Challah roll with Hollandaise. 

Salmon Benny

Two Maple Meadows eggs poached with smoked salmon and avocado. Served on a  Challah roll with Hollandaise. 




Huevos Rancheros 

Two local fried eggs, Vermont Cheddar cheese, spicy black beans, Served on a flour tortilla with house made salsa. 

Veggie Benny 

Two Maple Meadows poached eggs with grilled tomatos and spinach. Served on a Challah Roll topped with Hollandaise. 


All brunch items include a cup of coffee or tea, a basket of fresh mini pastries, a cup of fruit, and a side of home fries.